Migration, Stress, and Ministry

Lecture 7/18/2017

Instituto Hispano, Jesuit School of Theology, University of Santa Clara

Slides download is available here

Lecture 1/20/2018 Slides

Stress Management Handout

Short films on Migrant Stress (The Ulysses Syndrome)

Interviews with Joseba Achotegui, Doris Espeso, Olga Louchakova-Schwartz  (Directed by Olga Louchakova-Schwartz and Ulises Rodriguez, produced by Ulises Rodriguez)

10 min

28 min

Recommended Readings

Abbott, A. (2016). The Mental Health Crisis Among Immigrants. Nature 2016.  538(7624), 158-160. doi:10.1038/538158a

Sallon, S., Katz-Eisner, D., Yaffe, H., & Bdolah-Abram, T. (2017).  Caring for the Caregivers Results of an Extended Five component Stress reduction Intervention for Hospital Staff.Behav Med, 43(1), 47-60. doi:10.1080/08964289.2015.1053426

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